The MX-C312 is an exciting example of the Sharp Frontier Series, bringing brilliant color output closer to your workgroup with Hybrid Design that has a small footprint to fit into environments others won’t, yet isn’t small on functionality. A large 7″ screen color touch-panel simplifies operation by providing an intuitive user interface to keep ahead of today’s fast-paced office document distribution needs. Incorporating next-generation common controller architecture, the Frontier Series provides uniform functionality and operability as found in Sharp’s award-winning MFP product line. This model also offers modular expandability, remote-access capabilities, and a value-added approach to network and software integration. The MX-C312 model also incorporates Sharp’s award-winning Sharp OSA® platform and the industry-leading Sharp security suite to protect data and control access.




Mac OS 10.8-10.13 Print Drivers

Contains: Mac OS 10.4-10.9 Print Drivers

Contains: PCL, PS, PPD, XPS, Universal Drivers

Contains: PCL, PS, PPD, XPS, Universal Drivers

Contains: PC-FAX, TWAIN, Sharp Status Monitor



Supply model name(s): MX-C40NTB

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NTC

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NTM

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NVB

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NVC

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NVM

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NVY

Supply model name(s): MX-C40NTY