LG Guidebot

The LG Guidebot provides a number of functions that allow your storefront to attract, guide, and support customers.

About This Product

This product has many applications, some of which include:

Facilities Guide

Provides directions to various facilities inside exhibition halls along with relevant information

  • Speech recognition & touch interaction


Escorts the visitor to the destination via smart navigation

  • Displays map, distance and remaining time in escort mode.

Advertisement Signage

Schedule/location-based advertising

  • Example: Lunch time sale event
  • Provides data analysis on advertisements


  • Patrol video recording

  • Safety inspection in dark regions of the space

  • Real-time monitoring of video being recorded via PC and mobile device

  • Automatic video recording for abnormal activities

  • Detect intrusion detection, fire detection (flame, smoke) and other facility abnormalities

  • Offers collaboration with 3rd party AI-based security solution company

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