CLOi Serve Bot

This smart robot solution performs simple and repetitive tasks based on its innovative autonomous driving system. The LG CLOi ServeBot, revamped with advanced technology and next-level convenience, executes serving tasks with excellent performance.

About This Product

Accurate Tracking

Like the human eye, the 3D camera and LiDAR sensor recognize objects and determine the robot’s path, allowing it to freely and accurately navigate, even through (or in) tall, narrow, or complex spaces. Requires advance mapping of table layout for service area.

Safe Movement

The 3D camera sensor detects low obstacles, while ToF sensors reliably recognize nearby or rapidly approaching objects, allowing ServeBot to avoid even small obstacles as it safely and autonomously navigates the spaces.

Professional Serving

The front, left, and right sides are open to conveniently serve dishes and trays. Each shelf features a ToF sensor that automatically detects food; once removed, the robot automatically proceeds to the next destination, without any additional input required.

Smart and Convenient

With just a few screen touches, users can easily change the designated location* and select different modes through an intuitive UI on the 9.2” display. Users can also modify voice** announcements and music played in response to customers, Additionally, the robot’s status can be monitored in the cloud to be conveniently checked nearly anytime, anywhere.

* Available in Cruise Mode (repeatedly moves to designated locations). Must be additionally mapped when store interior changes.
** Voice announcement during movement can be changed. (Future update will allow voice announcement upon arrival to be changed.)

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